The Prime Minister ignores the measures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the provisions of the head of government, any airline is responsible for taking on board any passenger holding a travel reservation; no prior government authorization is required to board a passenger on a flight to Haiti. 

However nationals are required to respect the measures taken by the Haitian health authorities, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) ) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Passenger passports will be kept by the immigration authorities during the quarantine period, which is 15 days.

With regard to this last point mentioned in the Prime Minister’s letter, the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, Nader Joaséus, announced on Saturday June 20, 2020 that the decision to keep travelers’ passports is canceled. 

After the Minister of Foreign Affairs it is the Prime Minister himself who is cropped. It must be said that no one understood the need to keep the passports of Haitians on their return home. According to information obtained by Le Nouvelliste, meetings are underway to determine the dates and conditions for a gradual resumption of flights on the national territory before the end of June.

The measures of the Prime Minister’s Office differ markedly from those included in the note of June 15, 2020, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship had sent to the heads of diplomatic missions and consular posts of Haiti. 

Reached on the phone, the minister’s chief of staff, Wein Webert Arthus, said that “at the level of Foreign Affairs, we follow the instructions of the Prime Minister. The note we had previously sent to the heads of diplomatic missions and consular posts in Haiti was the result of another that the Prime Minister’s Office had taken. However, we will publish correspondence to announce these new easing measures next week, “he said. Continue reading.

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