Alphonso Davies has enjoyed a breakout season at Bayern Munich, earning 37 appearances and 3 goals, and has emerged as one of the best young fullbacks in world football.

In Bayern’s 1 – 0 victory against Werder Bremen on June 16, he helped his side clinch a record eighth consecutive Bundesliga title and earned another record for himself: the fastest recorded speed in a Bundesliga match, 22.7 miles per hour (36.51 km/h).

Davies’ burst is still a ways away from Usain Bolt’s top speed of 27.8 mph (44.72 km/h), but we’ll give him a pass—it illustrates the athletic prowess that the 19-year-old has wielded all season as he has torn up and down the wing. His nickname “Roadrunner,” bestowed by teammate Thomas Müller, is well earned.

But how fast is Davies in the scheme of European (and world) football? Could it be that he is merely the leader in a league of slowpokes? Or is he among the quickest of the quick? Let’s take a look at this season’s top speeds  Continue reading

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