Liverpool are on the verge of becoming Premier League champions for the first time, and once that achievement is unlocked, discussion will inevitably turn to whether they can hang on to their crown in 2021.

The days of enjoying success in football are pretty short-lived anyway, but this is going to be a particularly brief celebration.

There will be no fans in the stadium to enjoy a first English league title since 1990, and there will be no parade around the streets of Liverpool to embrace thousands of adoring supporters. 

So once that trophy is won—be it against Crystal Palace on Wednesday or a game very soon afterwards—a major question asked of manager Jurgen Klopp will be how he plans to move on to the next step. How do Liverpool begin to dominate English football for a long period?

Everything about the end of this season is looking different to how all of us imagined. Potential signings,  player sales and new contracts are all up in the air, even at Liverpool.

And their top target Timo Werner has just signed for Chelsea.

Bleacher Report sources are now indicating it is very likely the club let another transfer window pass by without a major signing coming through the door.

They did not make a significant signing in 2019, and it says everything about Jurgen Klopp’s belief in this current Liverpool team that those same sources suggest the manager is prepared to accept the situation yet still believes he can win the league again next time around.    Continue reading

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