“Lord, protect me from my friends. I’ll take care of my enemies! ” This should be the reflection of President Jovenel Moïse by discovering the scope of the text on which he has affixed his signature, the decree of March 11, 2020 relating to the unique national identification number and the unique national identification card, published in Le Moniteur special no. 9 of June 16, 2020. 

This text conceals approximations which dangerously upset the entire civil status system, violates essential principles of criminal law. A closer look, hopefully by others, will uncover them to highlight their malignancy. Our subject, here, focuses on a small sentence that the perceptive eyes of the readers could discover, although it was secretly inserted in the depths of article 5, in paragraph 2. “Any person, having underwent morphological changes, makes the related update within two months of these changes at the office of the National Identification Office ”. To put it plainly, we could, following a surgical operation, by a simple administrative procedure, change sex! The content of the article shows us, after a more serious examination, that it is rather an administrative step which should consist in ratifying previous operations and procedures which prove impossible, in the current state of our law. Here we touch on several questions relating to the validity of a surgical operation to change sex, the possibility of changing one’s marital status to change sex and the integrity of the civil status system. But before approaching these three points, it is advisable to point out the original sin which taints this paragraph of article. Continue reading.

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