Today, not having the new unique national identification card commonly known as a “DERMALOG card” from the name of the company that produces it is an offense recognized by criminal law as a fine with regard to the penalty applied.

In the new decree on the unique national identification card (CINU / DERMALOG), published on June 16, 2020, Jovenel Moïse imposes in the chapter on penal provisions and in article 25, a fine of 5% on monthly income of the person who is not in possession of his card.

“Within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the publication of this decree, anyone caught without a unique national identification card (CINU) may be fined five percent (5%) of their monthly income or the minimum monthly wage for the unemployed, on minutes drawn up by a police officer, held in session and all cases terminating by the competent court ”, specifies Article 25. Continue reading.

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