Confusion, delay and misunderstanding, the Covid-19 screening tests continue to make headlines.

On the sidelines of this debate led by members of the population, health professionals and health authorities, some take the opportunity to propose solutions that do not comply with the standards and recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP ).

On Sunday June 14, 2020, it is Pascale Solages’ turn to report “the unequal situation plaguing Haiti, which has caused the death of many people”.

“The MSPP takes about 10 days to give the results of the screening test to patients, while at MedLab, tests are performed at 6,250 gourdes and the result is given the same day,” said Solages before stressing that the more you have money, the sooner you will get the diagnosis and save your life if complications arise.

Contacted by Le Nouvelliste, Ralph Baboun, head of the MedLab laboratory, did not want to react directly to Solages’ comments. However, he admitted that he performs “fluorescent immunoassay (FIA)” tests to detect suspicious cases.

“The FIA ​​test is an antigen test; a nasal swab is used to take the sample and the result may be available the same day. It is not a rapid serological test, ”saidBaboun, who added that he had the documents to justify the reliability of these tests.

In an interview with Le Nouvelliste, the director of the National Public Health Laboratory, Dr Jacques Boncy, remains adamant: “Only PCR tests capable of detecting viral RNA are authorized in the detection and screening of suspect cases” .

It also revealed that analysis are underway to verify and validate the antigen tests.

“A request for analysis has been submitted to the Ministry of Public Health and Population, we are currently analyzing these tests in order to see if they can be authorized on the market,” added Dr Boncy.Continue reading.

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