While the country is raking in huge budget deficits because of monetary funding from the Bank of the Republic of Haiti to the State and the low tax revenue of the country to finance astronomical operating expenses, the State Department has just classified Haiti among the countries that have made no progress in tax transparency. 

Haiti is one of a group of 65 countries, including the Dominican Republic, that “have not met the minimum tax transparency requirements” established by the United States Department of State.

This report, which covers a review period from January 1 to December 31, 2019, recognizes that the “Haitian government was in a position to liquidate current affairs for nine of the 12 months of the review period” and that there had no “budget documents.”

The United States submits that in the past, publicly available budget documents “did not provide a very complete picture of the government’s projected spending and revenue flows, including revenues from natural resources. The budget did not provide enough detail for each department or agency and did not include allowances and revenues from public enterprises. The government maintained off-budget accounts that were not subject to the same monitoring and auditing as other spending. ” Continue reading.

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