“We are in phase 3 of the pandemic; it is characterized by an increase in the community transmission of Covid-19 cases in the country, ”said the director general of the ministry of health or MSPP, Dr. Lauré Adrien, in an exclusive interview with the daily Le Nouvelliste. 

Each phase of the pandemic involves new measures and new strategies capable of reducing its impact. Phase 3 is the phase of community transmission. It is therefore difficult to find contact cases. Anyone can potentially transmit the virus,caution is the norm. 

“Already in the response document of the MSPP, we tried to prepare the population mentally by clearly indicating the elements that characterize each stage of the pandemic and the appropriate measures,” said the director general of the Ministry of Public Health and Population. . If phase 3 manifests itself by an explosion in the community transmission of cases, Dr. Adrien emphasizing that at this phase the response must be a community response. 

“The community response in public health does not depend solely on the health authorities, it implies above all the involvement of the population. This is the stage where everything depends on the behavior that the population has adopted. ”

At this stage, the Ministry of Public Health and Population believes that the population is not yet adopting the behavior necessary for better performance of the community responses developed by the MSPP in concert with all the players in national life.

“There are many pretexts for not putting the advice of health authorities into practice,” deplores Dr Lauré Adrien. Today is a matter of life and death. No matter how different you are from an authority, the most important thing is knowing what it is telling you or what it is doing will keep you alive. In no case should a citizen aim to rout the authorities of the country in disregard of the lives of others, “said Dr. Adrien. Continue reading.

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