The winners of Wednesday’s Coppa Italia final between Napoli and will have to help themselves to the trophy and medals because of hygiene regulations.

‘Let’s call it self-service,’ chief executive Luigi De Siervo said in a video news conference on Tuesday. 

‘The athletes will help themselves to the cup and medals, so as to avoid outside contact with the squad which is subject to strict controls.’

With the game to be played without spectators, De Siervo said that the stands at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico will feature ‘digital choreographies’ which would be produced with ‘virtual graphics integrated with sophisticated software.’

‘We are proud to be able to offer our fans an innovative, interactive and technologically advanced product,’ he said.

The closing stages of the Coppa Italia are acting as a prelude to the remainder of the Serie A season, which restarts after a three-month hiatus on Saturday.    Continue reading

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