Young Henriot ‘Chaco’ Jean-Pierre.

Chaco & Son Business Services’ owner, Henriot ‘Chaco’ Jean-Pierre, died on April 5, 2020, from COVID-19 at 76 years old.

He was born in Jacmel and was the oldest of three children. Chaco married Rose Marie in Paris in 1974. The couple moved to Brooklyn that same year. Two years later, he opened a dry cleaner named Rose Dry Cleaner’s. In 1978, Chaco took a different route and became a Dixie cab driver — he received his nickname while working with them.

Later that year, a lady from the building where he lived often asked him to take her daughter to school; an entrepreneur at heart, Chaco had the idea of starting a bus company as he was taking his friend’s daughter to school. He started handing business cards in schools and soon enough Chaco Transportation was up and running.

Chaco also started Chaco & Son Business Services in 1995, a well-known place in the Haitian community in Brooklyn that provides phone repair, bill payment, money transfer, and so on. The entrepreneur left his wife, Rose Marie Jean-Pierre, behind and three children: Gregory, 45, Shawn, 41, and Claudia 38.

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