We wondered why the Ministry of Public Health and Population no longer mentioned the number of cases of recovery  on the evolution of the disease. The head of the epidemiology, laboratories and research department, Patrick Dély, at a press conference on Monday, June 15, provided details on how a person is considered recovered.

First of all, Dr. Dély explains that seven to 10 days after the absence of signs and symptoms, an infected person is no longer contagious. Once this infectious period has elapsed, it is considered to have been restored. Even if he struggled not to quote the word “healed” but “recovered or recovered” means to return to his former health status.

“We made these changes based on the evidence. Instead of 30 days, after seven to 10 days of the disappearance of the signs and symptoms of Covid-19, everyone infected is declared to be recovered, according to the new provisions. If that person is not affected psychologically, they can resume their activities while continuing to respect the barrier gestures, “he said. Continue reading.

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