Jurists and constitutional experts have for some time been weighing in on public opinion about the question relating to the end of the President’s mandate. 

Two dates are under discussion. A group mainly composed of opponents of President Jovenel Moïsesupports the date of February 7, 2021. The other group close to the government is convinced that the President must leave power on February 7, 2022. This type of contradictory debate is a delight for university professors and students.

Passions and arguments collide. Partisan logic dictates that no matter what point of view is expressed in such a debate, we will be categorized in one camp or the other. 

This is to believe that there is not really room for neutrality. In principle, the academic, when engaged in a debate, does not seek to please or delight. The duty of his statute obliges him to express a position that meets scientific rigor, most possibly objective.

In this debate, I was won over by two articles by two eminent personalities who, by the rigor of their thinking, imposed themselves in legal discipline. They are Me Sonet SAINT-LOUIS and Mme MirlandeMANIGAT. The first wrote a text entitled “Presidential time in Haiti” and the second “By reason and for the law”. 

The two texts seem to be administered proof that the president’s mandate will end on February 7, 2021. Reading them I have the impression that the two authors did not remember the entirety of the facts that marked the elections of 2015 and 2016. In this sense, we might need a booster injection. Continue reading.

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