Without much fanfare, as the coronavirus spreads in Haiti, the Haitian National Police celebrated its 25th anniversary. The current director general of the PNH, Rameau Normil, delivered a speech to mark the event. In his remarks for the occasion, the country’s top police officer evoked a day which is symbolic in the life of the Haitian people and the police personnel in particular. 

According to Normil, these 25 years are made of struggle, sacrifices, tears, disappointments, criticisms, resistance, pride, hopes, construction …

25 years after the creation of the PNH, Rameau questioned the noble ideal of public service for the protection of the lives and property of his institution. 

A question which, according to him, retains all its meaning when considering the current situation in the country and the reality of the PNH. 

“We must all, inside us, take the time for an exercise in conscience through honest self-criticism,” Normil said. “The event invites us to this introspection. So let us rise to the sacrifices of the nation’s founding fathers to respond and take the turn that the economic situation implies.”

On the occasion of the institution’s 25th anniversary, Normil believes that it is time for reflection, results and serenity in order to be able to tackle the multiple problems facing the institution. “Beyond the games of interest which can make everyone oscillate on one side as on the other, we must never forget that we have a common heritage to safeguard: The National Police of Haiti, an apolitical institution, at the service of democracy and the people, “he said. Continue reading

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