As Bayern kept on winning during on the pitch, the contract extensions began piling up off it. Thomas Muller, Alphonso Davies, and Manuel Neuer all renewed their contracts with the club after the coronavirus hiatus. Two players that were undisputed starters last season, whose contracts will run in 2021, are David Alaba and Thiago.

Treble winner David Alaba is still hesitant, as his world-class performances at center-back give him leverage for a higher salary. Sport Bild contributor Matthias Brügelmann argues that Bayern has to be patient and be willing to add the additional funds. Then the chances for a David Alaba contract extension are good.

But what about Thiago? His contract has been rumored to be extended for weeks yet, so far, nothing has happened. Does Bayern need Thiago anymore? It is my opinion that because of Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich’s excellent partnership in midfield, Thiago’s days as an undisputed starter at Bayern Munich are over. It is a theory that is shared by Brügelmann but one that will be extremely controversial amongst Bayern Munich supporters. Ultimately, I have two arguments as to why Thiago’s importance to the Bayern team hangs on a loose thread.    Continue reading

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