Haitian judges are coming out of their hinges, a few days after the publication of the budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. 

Justice Jean Wilmer Morin, president of the National Association of Haitian Magistrates (ANAMAH), announced that his peers have gone on strike to protest against the way the justice system is treated as poor parents in this budget published four months before the end of exercise. 

For about two years, the magistrates had submitted specifications to the Minister of Justice. They had repeatedly organized strikes to force the minister to meet their demands. “Each time,” said Morin, “the minister has informed us that our demands cannot be met since there is no budget. We expected that the promises made to us would be taken into account in this budget.”

The judge added that they were surprised to find that what was spent in this budget for the judiciary is “misery”. 1.5 billion gourdes is the amount allocated to the CSPJ and the Court of Cassation, according to the president of ANAMAH.

Morin said he was surprised to hear the Minister of Economy and Finance say on Tuesday “that historically this is how the judiciary has always been treated”. “This means that historically the judiciary has never been important,” said Morin. Continue reading.

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  1. I would like to now why these judges are on strike? most of the do nothing for Haiti but robbing people. They do not work and they need to get paid? what kind of mess is this? These judges are the reasons the county/Haiti is so poor because thy only the only thing they do ell is stealing and injustice to the ones who cannot defend themselves by sealing their lands, money and anything they they can find for their pockets. I would like President jovenel to uproot them instead of giving more money. They are nothing but smugglers/Zinglindo, audacieux, casseur de maison like judge Ricard Aristilde in the commune de St Marc who stole close to a million dollars, 2 acres of lands among other lands he grabbed from others. He is a dangerous criminal who after stealing/robbing people, start to give them death threats. he keep on menacing people of needing armored vehicle to circulate because he will gun them down. He even said he will do voodoo to make them go away so he can keep what he stole. What he does id encouraging people to give him money to buy things for them but put everything under his name and claimed them as his. Judge Ricard Aristilde must be prosecuted for his crimes along with his cousin Altes Senatus. He is the instruction judge in the city and the worst crook in the city. He needs to be investigated. This monster has to go to prison. He has his cousin to do bad deed for him. I am waiting on MR Rene Sylvestre the director of CSPJ to take care of the situation. This injustice got to stop.

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