The negative price of oil on the international market a few months ago did not cause any drop at the pump in Haiti.

The fact that the government continued to subsidize petroleum products, except for two imports, put flea to the ear and highlights the need, in the name of economy to make, of a “cleaning of the price structure” of petroleum products, said Michel Patrick Boisvert, Haiti’s minister of finance to the morning show onMagik (100.9 FM) , Tuesday June 9, 2020.

The microscope of the price structure, revealed the minister, made it possible to fall on the rose pot: costs not included in the price structure but borne by the treasury; the perception of “gains, of sudden” by the oil companies importing their products themselves since April 2019 and which themselves fix “exaggerated premiums” also paid by the State.

Storage costs paid, absent from the price structure…

Storage costs are not included in the price structure. “In the price structure, there are costs that were not taken into account. We are talking about storage. When the product arrives, it is stored in Varreux, Thor or Martissant. These are separate trades. You don’t see anywhere you pay for it. But there are costs associated with these activities … These are costs that must be taken into account if we want to have a realistic structure, “said Boisvert, Minister of Economy and Finance, who announced that there will be no more finance charges in the new pricing structure. Continue reading.

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