UEFA Deciding Between 3 Cities to Conclude Champions League

With August being the target month for UEFA Champions League action to resume, Europe’s governing body is looking at three possible destinations to conclude the competition.

Lisbon, Portugal, Frankfurt, Germany, and Moscow, Russia, are the three hub cities that UEFA is mulling over with Lisbon being the frontrunners according to Bild.

A couple of reasons why Lisbon is the favorite is that there are no Portuguese clubs in the tournament, so it’s an even playing field. Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig remain in the competition, which hurts Frankfurt’s chances.

In Moscow, there’s no concrete number of cases that Russia is dealing with when it comes to coronavirus, so with no unbiased data to let UEFA know how Russia is dealing with this pandemic, it might not be the safest environment.   Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Jun. 08, 2020

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