The law firm representing  Nathalie Delphine Gardèresent an email last Friday saying that she had “had regained effective control of the company on Thursday, June 04, 2020”. Following the arbitration award of the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of Haiti (CCAH) rendered on March 10, 2020, having acquired the authority of the thing definitively and sovereignly judged, it acquires the “quality of sole general partner of the said company.” 

In this sense Nathalie Delphine Gardère “assumes the responsibility for the management of the company, in its capacity as general partner, as provided for by the statutes and the arbitration award.”

The Gardere family has been a majority owner of Rhum Barbancourt, one of Haiti’s most well-known brand. The company was managed for a long time by Thierry Gardere who died a few years ago,

Since then a family feud has roiled the company and has led to an intense legal battle.

“The recognition and confirmation of its 37.25% share of the share capital in order to produce in its favor, counting

from 06 June 2020, all rights and privileges linked to it, inter alia, its status as general partner since at least said fateful date, and this without interruption, until a change made in the standards of the company’s statutes ” , writes the firm.

Furthermore, the Lissade law firm- which includes two former ministers of justice – emphasized “when in September 2018, thanks to a decision that was both contested and contestable, the opposing party succeeded in ousting Nathalie Delphine Gardère from effective control of the Société du Rhum Barbancourt, its ‘is, in spite of herself, bent on this decision to appeal to the courts to preserve her rights. ” Continue reading.

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