Given that the pandemic is progressing at a frantic speed in the country, the Moïse / Jouthe administration, has adopted measures to protect all the employees of the Haitian public administration against this plague.

There are six of these measures. They were communicated on June 1 to all Ministers, Secretaries of State and Directors General in a communique.

According to the document, heads of public institutions must immediately take the necessary measures to accommodate the office, on a rotational basis, of a limited staff not exceeding 20% ​​of the workforce. 

This measure concerns people who are essential to the operation of the agency. Thus, the government announces the closure of any other service that does not affect the regular functioning of the institutions.

In the note, the Moïse / Jouthe administration listed theemployees who are exempted from coming to the office. These include pregnant women; public officials over the age of 60; people with high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes; public officials with symptoms similar to those of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Continue reading.

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