Less than a week after the outcry from politicians and civil society organizations over the position of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almago, recognizing the end of Jovenel’s constitutional mandate in February 7, 2022, the Haitian chancellor solicits the adhesion of the Core Group on this thorny issue. Aware of the delicacy of this subject, the diplomats  in this group have so far published no press release on the videoconference held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Why should President Jovenel Moïse seek the support of the international community if his mandate is both constitutional and legal, as Chancellor Claude Joseph said? What will be the next solicitation from Moïse on the end of his mandate? Is it Caricom, the European Union or the UN? The US Embassy has yet to comment on the matter.

 Given the behavior of the Secretary General of the OAS in various files on the continent, everything suggests that he acted in agreement with the United States. Since joining the hemispheric organization, he has taken no position that is contrary to that of Washington. 

Since the recurring opposition protests in 2018, Washington has remained a trusted ally of  Moïse. Is the Department of State waiting for the right moment to join the camp of those who wish the end of Moïse’smandate on February 7, 2022? It is certain that Washington’s position will have a significant effect. He’s a giant player on the Haitian political spectrum.Continue reading

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  1. There is NO “thorny” issue; 5 years is 5 years is 5 years. Of course, Lavalas thieves, drug dealers and weapons runners would love to rob the Palais Nationale with an “interim” president like they did after Jovenel won 2 elections. All the equipment purchased by the Martelly Administration was completely stripped for the Palais. Privert also “used” a one year budget in less than 6 months, so Jovenel inherited a BANKRUPT country. Nope, there is no “thorny” issue; there r just thieves, murderers, narco kings, weapons merchants, militia leaders who have no conscious for 11 million Haitian locked in poverty.

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