He is a doctor. He is a friend. He is a professional that the country must not lose. The level of oxygen in his blood is worryingly low. He refuses to go to the hospital. “

The speaker is Dr. Jean William Pape, a specialist in infectious diseases, co-chair of the Covis-19 Multisectoral Management Commission, but above all responsible for the Gheskio centers. Pape, in addition to his theoretical knowledge, was able to follow through Covid treatment centers in Gheskio more than 600 patients.

Dr. Pape has expertise and experience, but is struggling to convince a trained doctor who understands the seriousness of his case to seek treatment.

Through this testimony delivered to the country at a press conference on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the entire Haitian problem of the Covid-19 is explained in a few words.

If even a doctor doubts or is ashamed to seek treatment, is afraid or is in total denial in the face of the pandemic, imagine what is going through the population…

Dr. Pape’s account of the case of this reluctant doctor is linked to dozens of other stories that have surfaced, often with tragic ends.

They are police, military, lawyers, ordinary citizens; everyone makes their choice, hesitates, refuses to go to a doctor or be hospitalized, looks for a hougan or prayer, does self-medication or simply ignores their condition. When they end up being transported to a Covid center, they get there too late. And die.

These patients die from the “little fever” that everyone is talking about in the metropolitan area or from this “discomfort”, a bag word that avoids accepting the reality of the coronavirus. Continue reading.

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