Haiti’s health ministry or, MSPP, has made 240 beds available in two level 1 and 2 centers to provide care for patients with Covid-19. One, located at the Olympic Center, on Route 9, opposite Canaan, “has an established capacity of 200 beds,” said Dr. LauréAdrien, director general of the MSPP and co-chair of the management committee. Covid-19, during a press conference at the Montana hotel, Tuesday June 2, 2020.

The number of beds may increase. The center has equipment for oxygen therapy, x-rays, said Dr Adrien, noting that arrangements are being made to treat patients with comorbidities such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

The other 40-bed center is located in Delmas 2, in a space that was initially intended to deal with trauma caused by traffic accidents. Of the 40 beds, four are available in an intensive care unit; 7 beds have assisted ventilation and 10 of connected and functional fans.

130 professionals, including 45 Haitian and Cuban doctors, live on the site to treat the sick. 30 patients are currently being treated. On average, hospitalization lasts between 7 and 10 days. For each patient requiring oxygen therapy, the ratio is 15 cylinders for the duration of hospitalization, explained Dr. Adrien, stressing that out of 56 people treated in this center, there are 6 dead. Two of them arrived at the hospital too late. One died practically on the doorstep of this center and the other five minutes after treatment, said Dr Adrien, who called on the population to be proactive. “It is the attitude that can make the disease serious,” he said. Continue reading.

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