Certain provisions of the decree issued on May 21 by the executive on the state of health emergency are still not applied. The ambiguity of some measures, as well as the manifest lack of will on the part of the police and town halls to ensure their application, rendered this decree ineffective. 

The country is losing the battle against the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Since the banks changed their operating hours, customers have experienced an unprecedented ordeal. Early in the morning, long queues were observed in the branches of Unibank , Sogebank, the National Bank of Credit (BNC) and the Bank of the Haitian Union (BUH). 

The situation is almost the same in the metropolitan area and also in provincial towns. Juno7 observed that even after the 2pm closing time, people are still massed in front of the banks. Customers take several hours to complete a transaction which should only last a few minutes.

These people are forced to stand in front of the main doors of the banks while being tight against each other. Contrary to the provisions which are taken inside the banks to make respect the distance of 1 meter 50 and to ensure that there are not more than 5 people near the cash desks, outside it is the big disorder. No space has been set up to receive customers. Going to a bank branch, under these conditions, is increasing the risk of catching the virus.

The situation is untenable. The reduction in operating hours makes it more difficult to apply the barrier gestures advocated by government authorities. Because who could spend more than six hours under a blazing sun with a mask on their face. The hardest part is that all commercial banks refuse to make an effort to adapt to the new situation. And, the State does not oblige them to do the same despite the decree on the state of health emergency.Continue reading.

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