Crossing the bar of 2,000 infected individuals in a short period of time, Haiti does not show that it is capable of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic. After more than 70 days, the country is advancing day by day towards a health disaster. The spread of the new coronavirus continues throughout the national territory. 

If more than 2,000 people are already affected, the vast majority of these cases remain active. However, from the onset of the disease until the beginning of this week, the number of people who died from Covid-19 is much higher than that of people who have already recovered from the disease. 

The West Department is the region with the highest number of deaths. With more than 25 deaths, it exceeds ten dozen healings. The Artibonite already has six dead against a single case of recovery. Five departments have no cases of healing, while cases are increasing in these areas. 

There is not a department where the cases of cure are superior to those of dead. 

Management that does not inspire confidence.

Besides the daily publication of the number of cases of people tested positive, deceased or cured, the health authorities do not disclose the treatment used in the country. While it is true that there are no specific drugs for Covid-19 yet, each country is trying to adopt palliative treatments to provide the necessary care for the sick. What treatments do Haiti use in the care of affected individuals? Are there clinical observations on people hospitalized in isolation centers?. Continue reading.

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