Tèt nou tou le de cho tankou vè lanp”, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said on Monday during his public intervention, before referring to the fight of his government as a whole against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) .

The head of government notes the reluctance of many people who are skeptical about the existence of the disease. 

“Many have died. We see in two weeks that we have crossed the bar of two thousand victims of the Covid-19, “he said, announcing also a difficult hurricaneseason, according to forecasts.

The head of the Prime Minister’s Office believes, however, that if we continue to maintain protocols we could register fewer victims or fewer breakages. “On behalf of the President of the Republic, I call for more precautions. We need to be more careful, protecting ourselves from the Covid-19 and waiting for the hurricane season to pass, ”he said.

Jouthe, who was also minister of the environment, reminded the population that we have a country exposed to climate change. A weak and vulnerable country. 

“I know what level of degradation the country is in. There are several types of disasters (natural, diseases, deforestation …) “, he said, denouncing bad behavior of Haitian citizens in relation to the environment (nature), only aggravating the economic crisis of Haiti.

“When you are in a country as vulnerable as Haiti, everything becomes urgent …”, said Jouthe, evoking the efforts that his office is office has taken but appears to insufficient. Continue reading.

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