In the upper -Artibonite region, cases of Covid-19 contamination are on the rise. According to the latest statistics, 25 people tested positive there. For lack of adequate means, at the quarantine point managed by the Hospital La Providence des Gonaïves (HPG), none of these patients are admitted. Some have even escaped the control of the competent authorities.

Qualified staff are available, said Dr. Excène Joseph, medical director of HPG. Despite the difficulties of all kinds, he said, these professionals strive to accommodate patients.

According to Dr. Joseph, during the first months of the crisis, without protective equipment, care was made thanks to donations from certain individuals.

Unable to manage respiratory distress

Dr. Joseph indicates that the quarantine point does not have the capacity to manage cases of respiratory distress. The last two patients who were admitted did not survive. La Providence Hospital also does not have an intensive care unit that can support those concerned, said the doctor. On average, the center receives five to 10 suspected cases per day, according to the registers.

Due to a structural problem, no patient has yet been admitted to level 1 segregation, said Joseph. According to his details, 12 of the 25 patients are placed in quarantine at home. The others have escaped their control. “We can’t find them. They gave us false information, “said the doctor, calling on the citizens to take precautions. Continue reading.

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