The chorus of automatic weapons, the burning of homes, the abandonment of bodies riddled with bullets in the street or on a small bed of stones and rubbish are the lot of some residents of the coastal areas of Port-au- Prince. 

In the north as in the south. The scenes of unbearable cruelty, almost similar to those observed in countries where lawless murderers have struck, are almost no longer moving.

The bloodbath perpetrated at Pont-Rouge on Sunday May 24, 2020 was followed on Monday by the burning of an earthquake refugee camp located on the former runway of the military airport. This Tuesday and Wednesday, Cité Soleil is once again in full swing.

In hushed words, residents reached by Le Nouvellistedescribed the fierce fighting between gang leaders to control territories where port facilities are located, big trade depots and high population densities.

There are big and small entrepreneurs to racketeer in exchange for “protection”, unhappy to milk, there is also exchange for “protection”.

 Terror is a business. Automatic weapons are also used for electoral ambitions. It’s an open secret. Everyone knows. Almost everyone accuses the blow, is silent. Or we do what we do best: pretend. Seeming to chase the bandits who are also being stroked in the direction of the hair to hand over weapons to the CNDDR. By the way, they are only handing over a tiny fraction of their arsenal, considering the recent carnage recorded both north and south of Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile, in the world of “as if”, gang leaders indexed by the judicial police in the La Saline massacre continue to show off, to impose their law on the weakest, on these humble, sometimes incapable of  mourning  their dead, of those dead who we still refuse to count. Continue reading.

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