May is ending. But that month will leave us the Covid-19.

June is coming, the hurricane season is coming.

Haiti threads problems like pearls in a rosary.

Natural disasters are hiding under the cloak of epidemics, pandemics and, who knows, will bear the names of people if the hurricanes devastate us in the coming months.

The authorities must be on all fronts. Continue the health watch and adjust the response. Monitor the weather to avoid surprises.

It will not be easy.

Already each rain creates its share of problems, a poorly managed hurricane would be too much.

The weather forecast experts speak of a very active season for the Caribbean region. Civil protection officials must anticipate the worst. Here, a cold front, a tropical wave, a tropical depression, a hurricane of any category can cause serious damage.

In addition to the possible floods, each time the hurricane threat returns, the question arises of the risks for the agricultural sector. How to invest and reach your expectations when a rain, gusts of wind or drought can flatten everything and take away the crops?

Nothing is guaranteed.

Planting is like playing casino in certain parts of the country. And the losers in the game of labor and plowing are always the same. Those who invest their time and their sweat without a safety net.

Without credit, without insurance, with an aging population in the countryside and cities more and more attractive for young people, the equation of national production which passes by the ground is more and more random. Continue reading.

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