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Choosing the best wet grain-free food for your cat

Cats must eat meat or fish to live healthily. This makes them what is known as obligate carnivores.

Indeed there is research that has shown cats have a minimal ability to digest and use any carbohydrates in their diets.

This is because they are unable to produce the salivary amylase enzyme that helps to break down starch.

It is not natural for cats to eat grains like rice or wheat as any part of their diet when they are in the wild. It may seem an old survival mechanism but it prevents them from eating any plants that would otherwise be poisonous to them.


In the wild cats naturally eat meat and offal. This reflects on what would be their natural prey. Our domestic felines similarly will consistently select food that reflects closely a similar level of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that would be contained in their historic prey of birds and mice.

The breakdown is about 52% of protein, 36% of fat, and just 12% of carbohydrates.

It is because grain-free cat foods are often produced in this more natural way that no grains need to be used to bind at all.  To get the best wet grain free food for your cat look here.


You will find on investigation that a lot of conventional dry cat foods contain high proportions of carbohydrates. This is because the manufacturing process needs starch to cause the kibble to hold together. It acts in the same way as glue.

Grain-free dry cat foods tend to be produced in more natural ways. This means that no grains are required for this binding process at all.

So when you are choosing a good grain-free diet for your cat look for something that is nutritionally complete and made from natural ingredients.

Grain-free diets tend to contain increased amounts of the sort of ingredients that our cats would be eating when they were still in the wild. Proteins like the ones found in fish and meat are to be found in much greater amounts in some of the grain-free foods.

However, beware because some manufacturers of grain-free food have been known to simply substitute other ingredients that are sources of highly glycemic carbohydrates such as potato and tapioca. These are very similar to grains in the way their nutrient makeup is constructed.

It is only some cats that develop allergies to grains, but good grain-free diets set out to get rid of these ingredients that cause the unfortunate sensitivity.

Find the right grain-free Food

The way to locate the food for your cat research the many different options available, talk to a veterinarian, then select a high-quality food that has all the nutrients your cat needs – and that it likes to eat.

Diligence goes a long way to make sure your cat is healthy now and remains so long into the future.

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