Joseph Varieno Saint-Fleur, 63, has been appointed interim president of the Haitian Football Federation (FHF). He must hold the reins of the national football authority during the absence of Yves “Dadou” Jean-Bart. The latter, accused of sexual abuse of young footballers, has been temporarily suspended by the investigative chamber of the independent FIFA ethics committee, for 90 days.

The appointment of Joseph Varieno Saint-Fleur was decided at an emergency meeting of the FHF’s executive committee on Wednesday May 27 in Port-au-Prince.

After Jean-Bart was sidelined, the executive committee included four vice-presidents (including Joseph Varieno Saint-Fleur) and 10 members. The designation of Saint-Fleur responds to article 38 paragraph 6 of the statutes of the FHF stipulating that in the event that the president’s permanent absence or temporary incapacity, his official obligations are exercised by the longest-serving vice-president who represents him until the next congress. 

The new interim president, who is also president of Cochafop and a founding member of the Baltimore Sportif Club de Saint-Marc, has been a member of the executive committee since 2004.

Following the investigation by the independent FIFA ethics committee,  Jean-Bart can return to his post or he can be fired. If it is definitively rejected, a congress will be organized as soon as possible to elect a new president. Continue reading.

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