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Development to offer affordable Haitian seniors housing, as rents rise

Rising rents in Flatbush and East Flatbush have made it difficult for many tenants, including Haitian seniors on a fixed income, to maintain a decent quality of life in the neighborhood. 

Gastonac Morette, a congregation member at the Evangelical Crusade of Fishers of Men church on East 31st Street, described the hardships faced by a friend, who is in her 50s. 

“She struggled to pay over $1,000 for a studio (apartment), it’s very expensive,” said Morette, who is in her 60s. 

Morette said that Haitian seniors in the community, many of whom live in one-bedroom apartments, face high living expenses overall. Large bills for things like gas and electricity add to the cost of rent, she added. 

To solve the affordable housing challenges seniors in the community face, the Haitian-led Evangelical Crusade church is coordinating a $45 million initiative to build a seven-story, 89-unit affordable senior housing development at 1488 New York Avenue, in East Flatbush. 


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Sam Bojarski

Sam Bojarski

Sam Bojarski has been covering Haiti and its diaspora for The Haitian Times since 2018. He is currently covering New York's Haitian community as a Report for America corps member.
Sam Bojarski
May. 28, 2020