Madrid and Barcelona in search of a winning streak that could decide the title

Real Madrid Both have won 11 in a row before

There are 11 matches remaining in this LaLiga Santander season.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid will go into these matches aiming to outdo the other in an epic final sprint in the title race.

As it stands, Barcelona hold a two-point lead over their rivals, while Real Madrid would come out on top if the title is decided on head-to-head.

One slip-up could cost a team dear, so both sides will be looking to put in a winning streak to clinch the crown.

In the history of LaLiga Santander, an 11-match winning run has only been achieved on 11 occasions – Real Madrid have done it six times and Barcelona five times. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
May. 26, 2020

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