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A group of 150 Haitian doctors offers treatment for Covid-19

The Multisectoral Collective for an Inclusive Haitian Society or COMSHI unveiled 2020 a medical kit comprising three drugs capable of combating the symptoms of Covid-19. According to the president of COMSHI, Dieumerite Pierre-Louis, these three drugs are based on medicinal plants including sagebrush, aloe vera and eucalyptus.

Pierre-Louis said that each of the drugs will have a specific effect on a symptom caused by the virus, notably the respiratory disorder. The product will be administered to the patient and the results will be seen from the fifth day, he hinted while giving the guarantee of the effectiveness of this method which according to him, will make the glory of traditional and natural medicine Haitian in the eyes of the world in the era of the Coronavirus. 

To begin the trials, Pierre-Louis said he needed a sample of 100 people who tested positive for Coronavirus by the country’s health authorities. Continue reading.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
May. 26, 2020

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