This time we go there for two months. The state of health emergency is renewed and extended by the Council of Ministers for 60 days. 

The President, the Prime Minister and the ministers also decided to make wearing a mask compulsory. A reminder of a measure that is difficult to apply.

Two months of state of emergency is a sign that the executive branch is anticipating difficult times for the country in the coming weeks.

This decision comes at a time when the number of cases of infected people is rapidly increasing.

The disease became a reality in conversations. Even the denial of the first days changes form.

Everyone knows someone who has a fever, cough or headache and especially someone who knows someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. 

The pandemic is in Haiti, among us, between us. The reality exposes us to the figure while the prevention period has been wasted.

At the same time, everyone has an urban legend about the Covid-19. An amazing, touching or terrible story about how people apprehend the disease, about its treatment or about each other’s vision of the work of health authorities.

Haiti is rocketing all these days. Equipment is purchased. Afterwards, a scientific cell and a multisectoral commission are set up.

We only speak with the Dominican Republic two months after closing the border between the two countries while not systematically managing the return of our compatriots.

We call for help Madagascar. We will receive the natural remedy advocated by the president of this country, but the Haitian scientific cell will speak to the Malagasy scientific council afterwards.

While the evolution of the disease leads the scientific cell to recommend to the Prime Minister the containment of the population, we will try to impose wearing a mask. Continue reading

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