With 55 beds available, the Covid-19 unit at the Saint-Boniface hospital in Fond-des-Blancs(South) is one of the largest centers for the care of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the country. 

This unit, built on two buildings, is ready to receive patients from the South department. A nucleus of around thirty health professionals is already on their war footing to treat the sick. The Covid-19 unit at St-Boniface Hospital is a level 2 care facility. It receives patients with mild and moderate forms of the disease. Supported by Health Equity International, the mother institution of the hospital in Boston (United States), this unit was built using the hospital’s own funds. In the early stages of the project, there was talk of setting up a level 3 unit.

Due to the lack of equipment, this project is postponed depending on the course of the disease. 

Under the directives of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, St-Boniface had its response center at the Covid but without the financial and material aid of the State. 

 “In our response plan, we have planned to take care of complicated patients, but for lack of materials, we remain with light and moderate patients,” explained the hospital’s medical director, Dr Moïse Compère, emphasizing the patients who require intubation or assisted ventilation will not be treated there. “If there is an isolated case, we can try to take care of it. However, in general, we do not yet receive these patients. With our parent institution, we will see what is possible” he added. Continue reading.

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