Nickname For Barcelona’s 6-1 Win Over PSG is Now an Official Word in French Dictionary

If there’s one word that Paris Saint-Germain supporters are absolutely sick of hearing it’s “Remontada.”

The word became famous in 2017 during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 tie between PSG and FC Barcelona. Paris won the first leg 4-0 at the Parc des Princes and it was a forgone conclusion that they would take care of business in the return leg and advance to the quarter-finals.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way and Barcelona won 6-1 to advance to the next round via an aggregate score of 6-5. The game became referred to as “La Remontada,” or, “The Comeback.”

According to Le Point magazine (via L’Equipe), “Remontada” has become so synonymous with comebacks that it will be included in the 2021 version of the notable French dictionary, Larousse. Continue reading…

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