Bruno Lemarquis, a senior coordinator of the United Nations agencies in Haiti, does not speak in plain language. 

In an interview with Le Nouvelliste, Monday, May 18, he said he feared a “perfect storm” and “a series of tsunami”. His prognosis, he claims, would tend to be confirmed with the explosion of cases of Covid-19 contamination against a backdrop of worsening food insecurity already affecting 4.1 million out of 11 million.

“For the past week, what we have known has happened with the explosion of cases,” he said, noting that there have not been many tests. “We can extrapolate and indicate that there are more cases. I do not know when we will reach the peak, “said Bruno Lemarquis, who, by the way, confirms that the OPS / WHO has provided 9,000 tests and is ready to provide others, if necessary, at the request of the MSPP. The implementation of the health response with the explosion of cases is the priority of all actors, he said.

If “much remains to be done” at the border where more than 26,000 Haitians have crossed from the Dominican Republic whose economy is idling because of the Covid-19, the other “priority” concerns the identification and preparing patient care sites, says Lemarquis. Continue reading.

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