As the coronavirus spreads across the country and as opposition parties resume their street protests, president Jovenel Moïse announced that he is getting ready to organize for the next elections.

Moise made the comments during his Flag Day speech. He did not say when the votes will take place.

To his detractors, the announcement is akin to a power play by the president. He said that his cabinet had already written to the Provisional Electoral Council to set the electoral wheels in motion. 

The Head of State did not give details on the content of the correspondence or whether it was to ask the CEP to start preparations for the organization of legislative, municipal and presidential elections. 

Moïse urged the 51st legislature not to repeat the mistakes of the 50th legislature. As a reminder, President Moïse had majority control in the two chambers of Parliament during the 50th legislature. 

Yesterday there were no formal ceremonies or activities at Arcahaie, the birthplace of Haiti’s flags. There were no parades. The spread of the Covid-19 in the country forced the president to commemorate the 217 years of the national bicolor at the National Palace. Continue reading

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