The Haitian government has declared that the gang Fantôme 509 is a terrorist group.

Haitian Minister of Justice, Lucmane Delille, said he intends to seek the help and collaboration of foreign governments in the fight against gangs that have terrorized the country for years. Last year, the country was under a “lockdown” for more than eight months. 

Some of the members of Fantome 509 are police officers. 

Denouncing terrorist acts and violence, Delille said that these people were not police officers. The government believes they are in fact former police officers who launched attacks on the finance and justice departments. He urged the police union officials to publicly stand out from the violence of the Fantôme509 group. Continue reading.

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  1. Thanks God for Mr Lucmane D. Finally we have a chief who deserves his position. This what we call true warriors , patriot and a true haitien man with a conscience and who loves his country. Use the American model , remove the Gangs from top to bottom. Mr Lucmane, Haiti could have been a paradise just like the others and it make haitiens here made because of the insecure, the injustice , the lack of foods and at last lack of laws to govern te country. It never too late to achieve all those. Everyone deserves a ID card for all their transactions and to place them where they belong if crimes are committed. This is how to catch people in their behavioral issues. A country cannot and must never be on lock down for 8 months by uneducated /ignorants. Who ever is giving them guns must be in jails for a lifetime along with puppets doing the bad need police everywhere . I in small cities , it must be a section chief to ensure safety and patrol police to. I am.not talking about police who will from the people and will become thieving along with the thieves/criminals. You need to get to the powerful people like juges who are using their power to steal, putting their victims in silence them just like judge Ricard Aristilde in the city of St Marc is doing. You must have act lions to solve Haiti’s problems. So far you are in the right path. Haiti must come first. Any haitiens with a conscience will do what you are doing. Tell me them why most of officials in Haiti have a good night of sleep only when they leave te country? Isn’t a shame? You reside in a country where you can barely sleep or walk to breathe some fresh air . Quelle honte. Only people with conscience can actually make changes so people can sleep . We stand behind you 100% and hoping you do what you said. It is time to save Haiti from Satan’s grips. Yank it like a lion with your solid claws until you take for peace to reign. Do not forget to get judge Ricard Aristilde who is a huge criminal in the city of St is time to brig him to justice and send him to jail where he belongs. It is time to stop covering for officials who are not honorable enough to serve Haiti.
    Thank you.

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