In the past three days, health officials say they have recorded 124 cases of coronavirus in the country. This brings the total reported cases so far to 358 confirmed cases including 52 imported and 306 locally transmitted cases out of 1,733 people tested, 20 deaths and 19 patients declared cured.

According to Dr. Jean Hugues Henrys, to deal with the spread of the virus throughout the country, the recommendations of the scientific unit have so far focused on three main areas. 

First, there are the preventive measures which consist in community mobilization and awareness for behavior change (Personal and collective hygiene), he said.

Then, compliance with barrier measures: physical social distance, wearing a mask, limiting movement, closing schools and universities, borders, non-essential businesses, limiting gatherings, quarantine and isolation, etc., listed the scientist.

Dr. Henrys pointed out that there are also recommendations related to patient care, protection of healthcare staff, staff training, treatment protocols, regularly updated; availability of inputs and control of drug sales; management of corpses; “screening” and “testing” strategies.

“The cell is currently working on a better understanding of the dynamics of the epidemic in the country,” said Dr Jean Hugues Henry, stressing that the commission is constantly working. “Its recommendations are supported by scientific arguments and the critical conditions for implementation in the Haitian context,” he said.Continue reading.

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