Two U.S. lawmakers are asking the Department of Homeland Security to keep Haitian death squad leader Emmanuel “Toto” Constant detained until the Haitian government provides a plan to ensure the safety of his victims in Haiti and his prosecution under Haitian law.

The founder of the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, or FRAPH, a brutal paramilitary organization, Constant and those who worked for him are accused of terrorizing and torturing political opponents in Haiti, and of having been involved in a 2004 massacre in the village of Raboteau in the country’s Artibonite Valley.

Constant is currently in U.S. immigration lockup after being released from a New York State prison, where he was sentenced in 2008 to 37 years for mortgage fraud and grand larceny while living in New York. He was among 101 Haitian nationals who had been slated to be deported to Haiti this week, but his deportation was canceled after controversy erupted over the plan to send him back. Continue reading…

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