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Haiti Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe apologizes and admits he used words “a little too strong”

“… I apologize publicly to the government in general, more specifically to my colleague Boisvert, the Minister of Economy and Finance. He’s someone very correct… “. 

These are the Prime Minister’s apologies after having passed a soap to the Minister of Economy and Finance, treated by members of the population who support political leaders of “salopri”, and also after having declared that the Haitian State does not exist.

“I used words that were a little too strong …”, apologized the head of government. However, Joseph  argued that during his private conversation with a senator, which was taped without his knowledge, the words used against the Minister of Finance were in an appropriate context.

Since his private conversation had been recorded without his knowledge, the head of government revealed that he had this conversation with a senator during a visit to the city of Hinche. However, he did not reveal the name of this parliamentarian. According to the Prime Minister’s explanations, journalists were circulating around while he was on the phone with the senator. Jouthe says that he has not charged anyone and promised to be more careful next time.

“I have learned the lesson, I am sorry for the damage it has caused to my government as well as to my Minister of Finance …”, he admitted. Continue reading


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Haitian Times
May. 15, 2020

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