The Director General of the Ministry of Public Health and Population explained the reasons why the public-private partnership in the fight against Covid-19 seems difficult to establish. 

Dr. Lauré Adrien, who is also co-chair of the pandemic management commission, suggests that such a partnership may not be profitable for the country.

Explaining the reasons why the Ministry of Public Health and Population still does not include private structures in the management of Covid-19, Dr. Adrien, who spoke on the program Panel Magik indicated that the way private hospitals are organized makes this partnership difficult.

First of all, he says, there are not many private health facilities that have medical staff assigned to the hospital, working for a specific number of hours. For Covid-19, caregivers must provide a minimum of eight to 10 hours of service per day. The director generalmaintains that the equipment is expensive and is for single use.

“In running the Covid-19, you cannot afford the luxury of giving a doctor equipment that he will only use for 30 minutes or an hour. It will not be profitable for the country nor for the system, even less for the hospital in question, “said Dr. Adrien, adding that a kit of personal protective equipment can cost between 25 and 35 US dollars .

Among other arguments, the DG said he noted the weakness of these hospitals in terms of reception capacity. A center that doesn’t have too many patients to care for will cost too much, says the doctor. He adds that the cost of caring for staff dressed to care for a single patient is the same as if this staff equipped in the same way cares for 5 to 6 patients. “To seal a partnership with them, they should have at least 40 beds,” said Dr. Adrien, arguing that there are not many private hospitals that can give the guarantee of having 40 hospital beds. Continue reading.

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