Bildnummer: 02831918 Datum: 12.05.2007 Copyright: imago/Team 2 Alexander Frei (BVB, Mitte) trifft gegen Torwart Manuel Neuer (Schalke) zum 1:0; Alex, Vdig, quer, Tor, Treffer, Gegentor, Saison 2006/2007, Borussia Dortmund - FC Schalke 04 2:0, BVB Dortmund Dynamik, Fußball 1. BL Herren Mannschaft Deutschland Gruppenbild Aktion Personen

Question: what’s black and yellow and blue all over? Answer: the Revierderby, the Bundesliga’s biggest rivalry and one of the world’s most eagerly anticipated match-ups. On 16 May, the Ruhr district will be ready to rock as Borussia Dortmund host Schalke with bragging rights and more on the line.

This biannual fixture is almost a season in and of itself, with BVB captain Marco Reus declaring: “There are two games a year for us which are particularly important: those against Schalke.”

If that does not set the scene for you, here are 10 things about the mother of all derbies.  Continue reading…

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