Bild writer Christian Falk maintains Ralf Rangnick is studying Italian, has agreed basic terms to take over at Milan and will make vast changes to the club.

Current Red Bull head of international relations and scouting Rangnick confirmed he was in talks with Milan, much to the chagrin of director Paolo Maldini and coach Stefano Pioli.

“The talks were suspended during the coronavirus emergency, but before that the contact with Milan was really intense and has recently started hotting up again,” Falk told

“Rangnick has known Ivan Gazidis for a very long time, so their discussions were very frank. According to my information, Rangnick has already contacted others within the club to discuss his ideas. I can imagine a deal will be reached over the next few weeks.

“What’s very clear is that Rangnick wants to maintain immense influence within the club. That explains Paolo Maldini’s recent reaction, as he can see his powers would be limited by this arrival.

“Rangnick doesn’t just want to lead training or choose the line-ups, but take decisions around transfers and above all the scouting sector. The German is also very well-versed in the medical sector.

“He wants collaborators who are faithful to him and his philosophy of football, so I think he’ll bring along Paul Mitchell and Konetzka, while he’ll also try for Laurence Stewart, head scout at Leopzig.

“I could also see him bringing in a team psychologist.”

Falk is confident Red Bull will not stand in his way, as his current role was created just for Rangnick, and the German has been “studying Italian three times a week” with a professor in Leipzig.

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