The country’s densest city, Port-au-Prince, has the highest number of positive cases for the coronavirus (Covid-19), according to the latest official figures. 

However, there is a lack of communication and an little coordination between central and local authorities, according to mayor Youri Chevry, during an interview on the program “Haiti, sa k ap kwit”on Télé 20.

Despite the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis, relations (in terms of cohesion) between local and central authorities are far from good, particularly in the management of the disease, said Chevry, who added that he has good relations with the departmental director of Western Public Health.

Currently in the commune, around 1,300 young people have received training to be able to carry out awareness-raising campaigns among the population on the coronavirus. In collaboration with other groups, the first citizen of Port-au-Prince said that City Hall has scores of people (provided with equipment to protect themselves) out in neighborhoods to explain the pathology of the disease to people, if necessary. 

The mayor noted that some people are skeptical about the virus because they do not have confidence on the federal government.

In addition, the mayor of Port-au-Prince emphasizes that he is not involved in the distribution of food organized by the central authorities to the population, nor the logic of distributing money through the MonCash service. 

Chevry, whose term expires in July, stresses that he is facing problems of means to carry out a whole series of actions in the interest of the population. Continue reading.

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