In her thirties, nurse Astrid Berri Prophet does not seem to be afraid for her life. She gives herself completely, body and soul to treat any patient for whom she is responsible. She was one of the first people to answer “present” without question when asked to join the acute respiratory care unit at St-Luc Hospital. Despite the risks, the missing pieces of the puzzle, she embarks. ” No. I am not afraid. I remain positive, “said the young” miss “, very confident. To have a different mental disposition would be to betray her dream, the one for which she was born.

“From a young age, I didn’t want to do anything other than save lives. It’s my passion, “said the graduate ofLouis Pasteur nursing school.

A graduate and licensed from the Ministry of Public Health and Population, nurse Prophet is not afraid of danger. She loves her noble job, but very little valued. When the cholera epidemic ravaged Haiti, she went to the front. Today, she is involved in the Covid-19 with all her energy and availability. She only requires personal protective equipment for herself, the members of the staff to which she belongs and for all nursing staff. 

“I ask for collaboration, for help in order to have the means of protection at our disposal,” wishes to remind the nurse, who does not totally neglect the risks of contracting the virus on the battlefield. And if that happens, she says, she will just need the chance to be able to receive the care her case requires. Continue reading.

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