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Haitian Hip Hop star Fantom drew more than 50K spectators during his livestream virtual concert

Rap Kreyol star Fantom promised to deliver an outstanding show on Saturday and he delivered big time with more than 50,000 viewers glued to their smartphones or PC screens, we were impatiently awaiting for the “honorable” to start the show.

9.10 p.m. Fantom is still not on stage, delay probably due to technical problems. Internet users on their side constantly demand the appearance of Fantom. But no question of giving in, you have to respect the schedule. First an interview with the star, then the performance of DJ Teddy Mix before Daniel Darinus enters.

It was 11:43 am when, wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black bow tie, “Nonm nan” entered with “Pawol la”. Even from a distance, one can imagine the cries of joy from Internet users at the sight of their “general”. After performing Men Non m nan, Di mwen, Pouki w pat konprann mwen, Asefi, he observed a moment of silence. Continue reading.


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Haitian Times
May. 11, 2020

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