sporting director Paul McDonough said his team remains in the market for two more players, even as he sidestepped links to players such as Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal and Real Madrid attacker Gareth Bale.

-MLS has been shut down since March 12, and since then the league’s primary transfer window — which was set to close on May 5 — had been “on hold” according to a report on the league’s web site. The lost days will be added back once the window reopens, but that hasn’t prevented McDonough from trying to improve his side, who noted that he’s in regular contact with owners Jorge Mas and David Beckham.

“We’re evaluating everything as we go. We’re looking,” he said during a video conference with reporters. “Whether we add players this summer, or even ready for next January, we’re constantly evaluating and looking at players and trying to see how we can strengthen the team.”

Vidal, 32, put up and then removed an Instagram post with an Inter Miami logo several days ago, increasing speculation that he was at least pondering a move to the team. But McDonough characterized the link as “a rumor.”

“He’s top player, he’s a very well-established player,” McDonough said about Vidal. “But we get linked with so many players, and it hasn’t stopped through this situation. As opportunities and as players get presented to us, we just continue to address them. Some of them are just strictly rumors. Some of them are interest but they may not line up with our goals or financial valuation.”

The Inter Miami executive had similar thoughts on Bale, befor adding: “He’s an exceptional player.” But he quickly expanded his thoughts to what the next transfer window will bring in terms of valuations. Continue reading…

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