The political party Bouclier, presented a check for 8 million gourdes to Haiti’s economy and Finance Minister representative, Michel Patrick Boivertyesterday during a “brainstorming” workshop. 

The event was held at the Villa Thérèse hotel in Pétion-ville and the money will go to account of the Ministry of Public Health and Population as Haiti prepares for the Coronavirus pandemic to plateau in Haiti by July.

This money was given by the government on January 17, 2018 as part of the state’s funding of political parties

Boucier gave back the money so that the government can use it to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed more than 10 people in the country in less than two months.

“We face an extremely difficult reality today,” said Arios Jean-Charles, a spokesperson and Vice-President for Political Affairs for the party. “As a party from the popular matrix, we felt concerned by what is happening in our country. What we gave today is nothing, but it reflects our commitment to our country which so desperately needs the support of its sons and daughters.” Continue reading.

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